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Suceed in using Nano Bricks(HNMC) at 135T ladle of Xiangtan Iron & Steel

In recent years, most of European countries, China, Japan and Korea including the United States are in the global recession, which led to decline in production of steel makers by world consumer confidence shrinking.

Therefore, most of steel & iron makers are trying to reduce production cost in order to escape the global economic crisis.

We kept much effort to develop a new nano item to keep pace with the rapid changes of the steel market according to global recession. And we succeeded in developing “NANO BRICK (HNMC)” finally.

We plays an important part in the reduction of the production cost to world iron & steel makers

including Xiangtan Iron & Steel in China. 

There is no great difference between plants of iron & steel makers in refractories use.

The existing working line bricks containing high carbon content require much energy due to a temperature drop of the inter-processes. Additionally, it releases a lot of radiation heat to the outside when the ladle is on stand-by.

Therefore, in order to produce suitable grades of steel, the ladle should be reheated by power supply additionally and it results in heavy energy loss.

But, our Nano Brick(HNMC) has 6 times less than the existing working line bricks used in carbon content.

Therefore, it is possible to reduce the gaps of the temperature drop of the inter-processes.

In case of producing products of high value low carbon steel, it is easier to control of steel grade and it can be reduced operating hours together.

Nano brick had been studied to reduce a heat loss and produce more eco-friendly refractory. 

Xiangtan Iron & Steel provided the 135T ladle of thick steel plate for this study and

we made this report with the consent of Xiangtan Iron & Steel.

 Commercial Test Results of Nano Brick

1Life time

      The measuring results of the remaining thickness when the ladle repairs, nano bricks can use

      over 60 melts except changing of SN WELL Block(The erosion-resisting improved 20%

      with extra 10 melts against the existing bricks.

2Shell surface temperature

      Measurement of surface temp. carried out by a specific researcher in order to reduce and to

      minimize measure errors at the same area. As a result of analysis, it found that the surface

      temp. of the ladle with nano bricks decreased up to 60~70. This means heat of molten

      metal didn’t almost released due to low thermal conductivity and it can reduce the energy

      loss for LF reheating in the inter-processes.   

3Temp. drop view

      As a result of measured and compared the temp. changes(Tapping – Stand-by LF refining,

      Moving to LF refining works, Moving to VD works after LF refining), it found the ladle

      with nano bricks showed the lowest temp. drop.

4Power supply time

      According to the record of LF refining, it found that the power was supplied the shortest

      time to the ladle with nano bricks. We don’t know the exact difference due to lack of ladle

      samples, but if possible to apply nano bricks to many ladles and to measure for over 1 month.

      Then, there are a significant difference absolutely.( We don’t know how much power cost

      reduced at each process line exactly. Because it is difficult to calculate power cost per

      process line without device)

Nano technology application has been introduced to refractories filed in recent years, but there is no successful cases of nano brick or nano refractories till now. Some of refractory company succeeded in applying nano technology to special refractory, but nano refractory couldn’t used due to high production cost and low performance effect commercially. Even though many other companies in the United States, European countries, Japan including Korea attempted to develop nano brick or nano refractories for last 15years, they hasn’t made good commercial results.

Nano solution developed by ourselves are globally only new nano and there is a huge difference

between our nano binder solution and nano products that are developed by other companies.

Pls. understand short explanation because of technical security item.

According to this results, our nano solution can apply to all refractories fields including special refractories.

We will lead nano refractories through extended applications to the whole field of Iron & Steel(converter, EAF, RH, VOD, AOD etc.) with constant R&D and challenge.

We owe a debt of gratitude to staffs of Xiangtan Iron & Steel for giving test chance of nano bricks commercially.

We will try our best to reduce the production cost of customers continuously.

If you require any further information, Pls. do not hesitate to contact us.


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