(2014.02.06) Enforcement of emission trading system & Nano Brick

by 관리자 posted Oct 07, 2014


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Enforcement of emission trading system & Nano Brick

As years go by, world are facing a severe environmental problem more and more.

And many countries are adopting emission trading system as a breakthrough.

In case of Korea, emission trading system will take effect in 2015.

In accordance with a preemptive action of such change, GENCO developed and commercialized the only low-carbon Nano brick(HNMC) for steel and stainless ladles in the world successfully.

In China, famous steel companies(TISCO, XiangTan etc.) are using low-carbon Nano brick(HNMC),

and steel companies in Korea has been applying commercial tests to reduce energy and to increase life time now.

Especially, low-carbon nano brick(HNMC) was already proven a great performance with long life time

in stainless steel ladle.

We promise that GENCO has a key role in energy saving and reduction of greenhouse gas emission with

low-carbon nano brick(HNMC) in 2014.