2014.07.23 11:25

Fuel Additive Firma-X

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  • Ideal of Dr. R. Diesel in 19th the century realize by Capsule Technology of Nano Water of GENCO


  • 퍼마엑스(FIRMA-X).jpg
  • 'FIRMA-X ®', the best brand of GENCO, is the result of a union of the Nano Technology and environmental concerns. Among innovative features of 'FIRMA- X ®' is NANO WATER.
    Nano water explodes as it flashes into vapor when fuel begins to burn. This back to back explosion can make complete combustion possible and reduce Greenhouse gases.
    FIRMA-X ®is the absolutely unique additive which can reduce NOx in the current additive market. Our additive creative by natural water can be called "FUTURE FUEL ADDITIVE' for realizing "Green Energy"


    • Saves fuel cost by 10-30% typically (depends on the car & driver)
    • Cleans deposits of internal engine
    • Enhances engine power by 15-30%
    • Reduces engine noise remarkably
    • Prolongs engine life
    • Decreases emissions(HC/CO/NOx) by 40-90%
    • Removal of water, Inhibition of Corrosion in the fuel tank
  • 퍼마엑스(FIRMA-X)젠코.jpg


  • Sticking active Nano-water -particles
  • Beginning of the micro-explosion
  • Completion of the micro-explosion
MAll of this results is increased power, improved fuel consumption and reduced toxic emissions


  • The underlying technology relies on the "micro-explosion theory" and can be summarized as follows: When the FIRMA-X® fuel additive is added to the fuel, it disperses and forms stable NANO WATER. (see picture below).



  • FIRMA-X ® can be used for all kinds of engines for both diesel and gasoline such as motor vehicle, automobiles, truck, bus, tractor, planes, tugboat and other industrial equipment like power generators FIRMA-X® Heavy Oil Additive also can be used for heavy oil boilers, heating furnaces, kilns, central air-conditioners and heating stoves, etc.
Fuel Capacity Additional Quantity
30ℓ 6㎖
60ℓ 13㎖
100ℓ 22㎖
200ℓ 44㎖
Recommended addition proportion - 1:4500

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