Unburned Alkali-Resistance Insulating Brick

posted Jul 29, 2014


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Unburned Alkali-Resistance Insulating Brick

GN-CKU has excellent insulation and lightweight due to its special porous structure. Generally, porous structure of refractories causes reduction of strength, stability of volume expansion, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. However, GN-CKU compensates weakness of porous structure by applying special binders . As compared with the existing burned insulation brick, crack growth in GN-CKU tends to be shallow and small like alkali-corrosion and then it's suitable to installation of Cement Rotary Kiln since refractory of hot surface in a cement Rotary Kiln can be greatly influenced by alkali-resistance. GN-CKU itself reacts with alkali and forms thin coating of erosion resistance. GN-CKU has structural flexibility and high stress relaxation. GN-CKU can reduce growth of cracks by protecting between alkali and insulation Brick.